How would the bluetooth smartwatch play audio from smartphone?
a.On condition that the bluetooth connection of App and smartwatch is workable, but phone calling bluetooth of smartwatch did not connected with the smartphone yet, we can remote control the audio(music, broadcast...) of smartphone on the music player of this watch, this moment the audio is playing on phone.
b.Based on that, if we make the phone calling bluetooth of smartwatch connected with the smartphone, right now the audio will be play on the watch.
How often the sedentary reminder is it, and what is the time range?
From 10am to 10pm, the watch sensed the steps of wearer less than 50 steps within 1 hour, it will vibrate and pop up one reminder icon. If not, the watch won’t remind.
How to see that we are in sleep monitoring or not?
From 10pm to 8am, watch will determine the wearer is be in sleep monitoring with its G-sensor and own algorithm as follow:
If watch was frequently shaked within 1 minute, or be shaked many times within 3 minutes, it would determine that the wearer was in waking state. If not, the watch will think the wearer was in sleep state.
How to regard the accuracy rate of heart rate, blood oxygen etc from smartwatch?
The heart rate, blood oxygen monitoring etc..., just be general reference, these data be more inclined to work out by medical measuring instruments, our smartwatch is a general wellness product intend to promote physical fitness by tracking exercise and aerobic activity. It is NOT a medical device, nor is it intended or designed to take the place of one. It is NOT designed to diagnose or help treat any specific condition or disease.Prior to beginning any fitness program please be sure to consult your doctor.
How to check the weather report of different city, and sometimes why it was not same than my phone?
Make sure your mobile network is well working, and please choose the city you wanna get.
How to charge watch?
Please use a low power adapter or you can plug in the charging cable into a laptop or PC USB port. Do not use a fast-charging adapter as it may damage the watch in the long run.
How to extend my watch’s battery life?
We can extend the battery life of the watch by turning down the brightness level and turning off the Continuous Heart Rate Detection.
How to add contacts on the watch on condition that bluetooth calling be workable?
We can add up to 8 contacts from our smartphone contacts on the watch.
a.Firstly start the Favorite Contacts on the app, to add contact from our smartphone contacts.
b.Selected contacts and click Done (on the right corner), then click Done in the UI of Favorite Contacts.
c.We will see these contacts on the Phone Call UI of watch.
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